“Notice for KODAECS of HarelKorea brand and similar trademark”

HarelKorea trademark is registered classification of goods class 7(part of automobile), class 12 (part of an automobile), class 17
(rubber, plastic goods) and class 40 service mark (manufacturing industry) at the Korean and Madrid (wipo) intellectual Property Office.

Our company name is HarelKorea (Harel).
Our representative brand names are “HAREL”, “KOSPO” and “KODAECS”.
Our tuning product’s brand names are “TORNADO” and “MAGNECOR”.
Especially trade mark “KODAECS”, “코덱스”, has been used as our main brand name since January 2000.

Another company is using “(주)코덱스”, “코덱스”, “코댁스”, “KODAECS”, “KODAECS CO.,LTD.” to be very similar to our ”KODAECS”.

That company is making and selling at home and abroad by using them in trade mark, homepage, catalog, promotion advertisement
and so on regarding to their ignition cable set and rubber components.

We have taken legal actions in civilly and criminally for several times and we have won in all cases.
That company is using the marks "KODAECS", "KODAECS CO., LTD." together with their trade mark "KOD", despite the court's ruling that
these marks cannot be used for packaging or homepage and promotional advertisements.
HarelKorea is producing and selling our products to be marked “KODAECS (코덱스)” and “HAREL KOREA” (or HAREL) together.
Please check manufacturer in order to avoid being damaged from imitation.

Thank you for your interest.

KIM Seong Woo


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